production Ariella Vidach - Nuove Tecnologie / residency CSC Bassano del Grappa IT- Zagreb Plesni Centar HR e MOVIN'UP 2014 / concept Camilla Monga & LSKA / choreography Camilla Monga / dance Camilla Monga - Noemi Bresciani / music LSKA 

The project was commissioned by NAOcrea - AIEP for dance and electronic music.


The awareness and perception of body presence within the space are the parameters which allow the dancers to manipulate the sonic which makes the music. Dance and music interact in order to shape a space in front of the audience, a space made up of a fluid matter.
The body plays the space, it molds and drives the sound speaking a language that is the voice of its sensitivity.
With examples of Science Fiction's possibilities bodies and inspiring sound,two travelers start to experiment in world formation and somatic fiction.
They are immersed into an unknown, oneiric dimension in which music particles are floating.
Their super natural abilities change the pursuit of human feelings and phisical sensations. Along the journey, the travelers meet "black holes" of silence which send them back to reality. Here they feel the need not to add other artifacts, but to take them out instead.