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credits foto Jacopo Jenna
Since 2013 Camilla has been working as a dancer and choreographer with the musician Luca Lska to develop her projects in experimenting with sound art for creating audiovisual performances.
Luca writes and composes music for theatre, dance and video, working with well-known realities on the italian scene (TAM Teatromusica, AiEP, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia). As a musician He performs live with various ensembles around Italy and Europe. Starting from the study of jazz and improvisation and combining it with a passion for computer science and technology.
In 2016 He was selected from IRCAM de Paris to be part in Manifesto and study with Mauro Lanza.
Mo.ska is their artistic collaboration also functions as the international exchange: there the research and the working philosophy of Mo.ska collective is put into circulation in the wider network of other educational and artistic research organization, and in constant dialogue with current and other artistic discussions.
Jacopo Jenna, Italian dancer and choreographer worked as dancer and choreographic collaborator in Quartetto per oggetti during P.A.R.T.S. residency/student peformances and Venice Biennale 2016.
Richard Dubelski French musician, based in Paris, who collaborated with mo.ska as jazz drummer during Venice Biennale's premiere of 13 objects.
Maya Oliva P.A.R.T.S. former student who collaborates with Luca and Camilla as a dancer in Quartetto per Oggetti and as co-author and dancer in DIRE and actress and dancer in Notte.
dancemakers, actors and artists who collaborate with Mo.ska:
Noemi Bresciani (IT)- Viktor Leifsson (IS)- Kamola Rashidova (UZ)- Vedis Kjartansdottir (IS) - Maya Oliva (IT/CA)- Pieradolfo Ciulli (IT) - Anouk Peeters (BE) - Lucia Guarino (IT) - Elisa d'Amico (IT) - Bart Van Beneden (BE) - Martina Granic (HR) - Stefano Roveda (IT) - Sandro Pivotti (IT)
opening up the research to a larger, interested public through an active and international exchange, showing, workshop and other practice.